Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney Fairytale Wedding Trip Report: Picture Time

After Randy returned from shooting Dan's and his groomsmen, he returned to the suite and we all  headed out with Randy Chapman to begin our pictures around the Boardwalk Inn grounds and on the Boardwalk.

The guys looking Dapper..

We had so much fun shooting the pictures, especially in the gardens. Once we got over to the Boardwalk it was late afternoon and the sun was blaring. We were all so hot! As much as I wanted tons of shots on the Boardwalk we just couldn't take it anymore. I was literally melting as it was close to or over 100 degrees and we were all wearing so many layers. I remember my legs sweating like crazy. Randy was so easy going and sweet. He brought us over to the covered areas so we could get every minute out of our time. I love those shots. We all looked so happy and relaxed at that point because we felt 15 degrees cooler.

Having fun, but feeling the heat

Hot, hot hot!

We greeted my uncle and brother who were waiting for me

Cool relief!

Feeling great in the shade

The girls are cool relaxed, and joking around!

My favorite shot as we are all content and cool!

Our "handlers" notified us that the limo was here to collect the girls and the Rolls Royce was right behind for my mom and I. So we all headed out to the front and we made our way to the Wedding Pavilion.

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